Local History
Wild West Research: Finding Family in the Western Territories

Gorgeous Graveside Photography: 50 Things I Learned While Photographing 50,000 Tombstones and Grave Markers

Cemetery Symbolism: Gathering Genealogical Clues from the Dead

Boulder Pioneers: Trappers, Traders, Native Americans, Gold Seekers and So Many Others

Boulder Pioneers Two: More Tales of the Territory

Denver: When it was Wild and Wonderful

Writing & Publishing
Genealogical Publishing: From Piles of Research to Proudly Read

A Dark and Stormy Genealogy No Longer: Become a Great Storyteller

Handing Out Your Heritage: An Introduction to Print-on-Demand and Electronic Publishing

Planning a Publishing Project: Ten Creative Ways to Use Your Genealogical Research

Glamorous Genealogy or Fabulous Family History: Choosing a Do-Able Project

The Devil’s in the Details: Rich Historical Detail Makes for Interesting Reading

Glorify the Graphics: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words (that you don’t have to write!)

Creative Non-Fiction: Telling Tales Without Fibs, Fish Stories or Flat Out Fiction

Setting the Scene: Imposing Places, Lush Landscapes, Beautiful Buildings and Robust Ruins

What goes Where: Even the Best Research is Unreadable Unless It’s Well Organized

“Just the Facts Ma’am” … : Dovetailing the Details into Your Narrative

Scrapbook to Scanner: Adding Images to Your Family History

Effortless eBooks: Preparing Family Histories for eReaders

Genealogy Unleashed
Giving Away Your Family Tree: A Treasure Trove of Family History Gifts

Methods and Research
Hiding in Plain Database: Tips and Tricks for Finding Exactly the Records You’re After

Non-Population Census Schedules: Agricultural, Industry, Mortality, Slaves, Social Statistics, State, School and other Specialized Census Records

20th Century Military Records: Finding the Modern Soldier, WWI and Later

Every Name Counts: Creating Genealogically Relevant Records Extractions

Stolen Stuff and Misplaced Missives: Copyrights, Permissions and a Plagiarism Refresher

The Camera is My Favorite Research Tool: It Should be Yours Too

Digital Research Tools and Toys: 6 Essential Items that Will Fit in a Carry-on

Q Looks Like 2: Deciphering 19th Century Handwriting

Family Reunions
Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Have Extraordinary? Planning a Family Reunion

1890 Census Replacement Project
The 1890 Census: Creating a Genealogically Relevant Project for Your Society

1890 Census Replacement: Locating Records Relevant to the Project

1890 Census Replacement: Extracting Records as an Every Name Index

1890 Census Replacement: What To Do With Your Extractions

Genealogical Society Projects
Establishing a Publishing Program for Your Society: Saving Your Genealogical Research One Book at a Time

Creating a Digital Archive: Making Historical Photographs Available to Genealogical Researchers

ePub for iPad: Electronic Quarterlies in the 21st Century

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