Boulder County Probate Court Appraisement Record A, 1875-1888

May 10, 2013


In the Boulder County Probate Court’s Appraisement Record, you will find the name of the deceased, the Judge and Sheriff charged with administering the appraisement of personal property, the administrator or executor of the estate, the names of the appraisers of the estate, usually three.

Occasionally, you will find the name of a Justice of the Peace before whom the Appraisers took their oath, if different from the Judge charged with administering the appraisement.
The Appraisers estimate also includes the value of property allowed to the widow including: Beds, bedsteads and bedding, Wearing apparel, household furniture, family pictures, school books and library, stoves, cooking utensils, provisions and fuel necessary for six months, Working animals, one cow and calf, ten sheep, one horse, saddle and bridle, food necessary for animals for six months, one farm wagon, one plow, and one harrow.
The second page(s) of the Appraisement includes all articles appraised and their value, including livestock, land, household goods, farm implements, and ownership in businesses or mines. Occasionally, you will find other people named if there are accounts owed or notes outstanding.

The Boulder County Probate Court Appraisement Record A is held by the Colorado State Archives and is accessible for research. You can order a copy of pages from this Appraisement Book by calling the Colorado State Archives or placing an order through their website.

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