Boulder County Assessor’s Tax List, 1876: An Annotated Index

May 15, 2013


In 1876, the tax records record either the residence (address) of the property in town lots and blocks or the legal description (section, township and range) and number of acres the property holds. It gives a valuation of the property and of the improvements. It makes an assessment of the capital investment in merchandise and manufacturing, how much is held in money and credits, shares and stocks. It notes household property, jewelry, gold and silver, the number and value of: clocks and watches, musical instruments, carriages and vehicles, horses, mules, cattle, sheep, swine and other animals. It shows improvements on homesteads and public lands, and the amount of other property. It sums up by giving a total valuation of city and county property. It lists how many polls (men able to vote), amount of increased or decreased valuation, and remarks. Looking at the tax assessment role will give you a pretty good indication of how these people lived and worked.

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