Boulder’s Carnegie Branch Library for Local History is in trouble, and we need to speak up!

September 1, 2018

I have learned that the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History is facing draconian cuts in staff and hours. David Farnan, the Boulder library director, is proposing that they cut the archivist’s position entirely, and that they scale back the hours at the library to a few hours one day a week, with a few more hours available only by appointment.

I believe that David Farnan deliberately kept this information from interested parties by telling staff that they were not allowed to discuss this situation with anyone until they had issued the press release, August 30th. The Library Commission meets on Wednesday, September 5th, at 6 PM in the Canyon Meeting Room at the main library. My understanding is that there is an opportunity for public comment at the beginning of the meeting, but that they aren’t expecting anyone to show … by design. I believe that they are planning to meet and make this decision final without anyone who is interested in local history knowing. It would be great if we could have many people show up to the meeting on Wednesday evening.

I know that you’re interested in local history, and I’m hoping you will help. Please make a phone call, write an email or a letter to the editor. Every voice counts if we’re to save public access to the Carnegie Library.

Below is the contact information for the library director, the Library Commission members, the Boulder City Council (who will hold a budget meeting on September 11th), the County Commissioners (because this decision affects people in the County as well as the City), and the email for the letters to the Editor at the Boulder Daily Camera.

The Carnegie Branch Library holds most of the archival material necessary for local history research … we can’t just let this library director shutter the library.
Boulder Library Director
David Farnan, 303-441-3104,
Library Commission Members
Jane Sykes Wilson,
Joni Teter, 303-499-8970,
Joel Koenig, 720-979-1104,
Tim O’Shea,
Juana Gomez, 303-499-9505,

Contact Form
Boulder City Council
General Contact: 303-441-3002

Mayor Suzanne Jones, 720-633-7388,
Mayor Pro Tem Aaron Brockett, 720-984-1863,
Bob Yates, 720-310-5829,
Cindy Carlisle, 303-434-1456,
Jill Adler Grano, 303-917-6810,
Lisa Morzel, 303-815-6723,
Mary D Young, 303-501-2439,
Mirabai Kuk Nagle, 303-818-4128,
Sam Weaver, 303-416-61340,

Boulder County Commissioners

Cindy Dominico
Deb Gardner
Elise Jones

Boulder Daily Camera Letters to the Editor email:


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