School District No. 3-Boulder

January 9, 2021

School District No. 3-Boulder was the largest school district in the county. The district was formed in 1863, but there are no census records extant before 1877. There are more than 30,000 students, administrators and parents listed in this volume. R B Lockwood was the Secretary for the District in 1877, and these are the names of some of the families whose children attended school in the district in 1877: Allen, Berkley, Babcock, Cruikshank, Chase, Day, Eldred, Euler, Fonda, Green, Holstein, Jamison, Kingery, Leonard, Maxwell, Nobles, Oldenburg, Pickel, Quirk, Rowe, Sternberg, Sturtevant, Tourtellot, Van Deren, Widmore, Weiskopf and Young.

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