An annotated transcription of the first journal of the Boulder County Commissioners is just about ready for research …

On 15 Nov 1861, the County Commissioners, D P Walling, G W Chambers and T J Graham, appointed the following men as election judges:

Township No 1, H C Norton, C F Pease and Robert Niver
Township No 2, G W Nichols, G W Horton and M G Smith
Township No 3, W W Jones, Mr Dunnagan Sr, and John Rothrock
Township No 4, James Smith, Peter Leyner, and Sylvanus Budd
Township No 5, Lyman Smead, Mr Beckwith Sr, and Thomas McLane
Township No 6, J W Holt, E S Glotfelter, and S S Wemott
Township No 7, John Wigginton, W R Davidson, and R J Brown
Township No 8, Charles Wannemaker, Mr Carl[e] Sr, and Stephen Phillips

Returns were due to the County Commissioners on 3 December 1861