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March 12, 2017

Boulder County, Colorado Surveys and Mineral Claims at the General Land Office, 1859-1876: An Annotated Index

The Boulder County, Colorado Surveys and Mineral Claims at the General Land Office, 1859-1876: An Annotated Index contains the names of the mine owners (claimant), surveyors and survey crew members, along with the mines and their range and township information. One additional piece of information was added when found—cabins, houses, barns, buildings, bridges, boarding houses, mills, toll roads, wagon roads, creeks and rivers. Using those listings is one way to see what was built where during these early mining days.

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The Masons have a history in Colorado longer than the state or territory itself. The first Masonic lodges formed in the area were done so under dispensation from the Grand Lodges of Kansas and Nebraska until Colorado became a Territory in 1861 and formed its own Grand Lodge. Between the time Colorado became a territory in 1861 and a state in 1876, thirty-one Masonic lodges were formed with the help of more than 4,000 local men whose names are included in this index. The Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Colorado often included news from Masons in other states, as well as the names of officers of the other Grand Lodges around the county. Their names are also included.

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If you had an ancestor in the Boulder area before 1871, chances are good that he (and sometimes she) is mentioned in the County Commissioner’s journal. Boulder County was one of the original 17 counties established when Colorado became a territory on 14 February 1861. The Boulder County Commissioner’s Journal, 1861-1871, chronicles the building of the county and the people who helped build it. During that time, citizens in Boulder built new roads, a jail and a courthouse, paid for the care and keep of paupers, and maintained law and order. All the while, the County Commissioners hired and paid for work on behalf of the county, chose grand and petit jurors, appointed road viewers and overseers, and took applications for business licenses.  Includes an index to the original journal as well as an index to this modern version.

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ISBN 978-1-879579-57-6

This title includes:

Index to Minute Book, Vol 1, Columbia Lodge No. 14, 1867-1873
Index to the Minute Book, Vol 2, Columbia Lodge, 1873-1879
Index to the Cash Book of the Columbia Lodge No. 14, Vol 1 1875-1884
Index to the Visitors Book of the Columbia Lodge, 1874-1886

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An annotated transcription of the first journal of the Boulder County Commissioners is just about ready for research …

On 15 Nov 1861, the County Commissioners, D P Walling, G W Chambers and T J Graham, appointed the following men as election judges:

Township No 1, H C Norton, C F Pease and Robert Niver
Township No 2, G W Nichols, G W Horton and M G Smith
Township No 3, W W Jones, Mr Dunnagan Sr, and John Rothrock
Township No 4, James Smith, Peter Leyner, and Sylvanus Budd
Township No 5, Lyman Smead, Mr Beckwith Sr, and Thomas McLane
Township No 6, J W Holt, E S Glotfelter, and S S Wemott
Township No 7, John Wigginton, W R Davidson, and R J Brown
Township No 8, Charles Wannemaker, Mr Carl[e] Sr, and Stephen Phillips

Returns were due to the County Commissioners on 3 December 1861