A welcome resource for genealogists who have exhausted local or state sources. Over 40,000 societies, museums, historical collections and archives listed. This useful reference books contains more than 22,000 genealogical and historical societies, 10,000 public and private libraries, archives and collections, and 15,000 historical, home, schoolhouse, pioneer and depot museums. Every state plus the District of Columbia is represented, along with the ten provinces and territories of Canada.

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New Index Available

March 12, 2017

Boulder County, Colorado Surveys and Mineral Claims at the General Land Office, 1859-1876: An Annotated Index

The Boulder County, Colorado Surveys and Mineral Claims at the General Land Office, 1859-1876: An Annotated Index contains the names of the mine owners (claimant), surveyors and survey crew members, along with the mines and their range and township information. One additional piece of information was added when found—cabins, houses, barns, buildings, bridges, boarding houses, mills, toll roads, wagon roads, creeks and rivers. Using those listings is one way to see what was built where during these early mining days.

It’s available at http://www.irongate.com.


Publish a Source Index: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Genealogically Useful Index, Abstract or Transcription
ISBN 978-1-879579-68-2        $24.95

If you have a research project that would help other genealogists–an index, an annotated index, an abstract an extraction or a transcription, this book will:
* take you through the four stages of publishing projects
* show you how publishing works
* help you pick a project to index or transcribe and publish
* show you how to present your material in the most genealogically-useful way
* instruct you how to prepare your manuscript to look like it was professionally published
* and give you tips for getting the word out that you have a book available
Everything you need to organize, write, and publish a source index, annotation or transcription.

If you have a family story to tell or research to share and want to know what your options are for publishing, this guide will:
* lead you through how publishing works
* illustrate the four stages of a publishing project
* show you how to pick a project to publish (and give you some ideas for new projects)
* analyze the which tools you will need to complete the project
* and instruct you how to prepare your manuscript to publish in print, as an eBook, or online.

This handy publishing primer will give you what you need to take your writing—your genealogical research, your family or local history, even your personal experiences and adventures—from manuscript to published book.